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          Wrecked Vehicle
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Q: Why should I donate my vehicle instead of selling it for cash?
A: You can make a difference for a worthy cause and get a tax deduction instead

Q: Can my vehicle be reconditioned and given to someone in need for transportation
A: Generally the reconditioning costs to make a vehicle safe and liability associated with this type of arrangement make it very difficult. It is best to give the charitable cause the proceeds from sale and let them direct the money the best way they see fit

Q: What if my vehicle sells for more than the $500 standard tax deduction per vehicle donated?
A: We will make certain that you get a government tax form crediting you for the exact amount if it exceeds $500

Q: Can I donate more than one vehicle?
A: Yes. The standard deduction is $500 per vehicle but there is no limit per person

Q: Can I just donate a passenger vehicle (auto)?
A: No. We accept trailers, RV's, Boats, Equipment, Motorcycles and scrap items.

Q: Can I get my item valued before I donate?
A: Yes. We can give you an approximate value as soon as we are able to contact you

Q: How do I know my money goes to the charity I choose?
A: You will receive a thank you letter & receipt from the charity of your choice

Q: My charity is not listed, can I direct the money where I want?
A: Yes. The proceeds from the sale of your asset will be directed to the charity you specify