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Sell Your Damaged Vehicle Fast, Safe & Easy?

Everything is worth more money right now!!! New Cars, Used Cars and Used Vehicle Parts – particularly late model wrecked vehicles.

DamageMAX specializes in used vehicles, wrecked vehicles, crash parts and powertrain components. We are HATED by insurance companies! Why? Because we call them out on low ball total loss payouts and collision repair estimates. 45% of all accidents require MULTIPLE estimates to complete the repairs to a commercially acceptable standard. These estimates are quite common and referred to as supplemental repair orders and the best body shops know how to justify them and get them approved. DamageMAX will help the consumer get the most form the insurance company plus DIMINISHED VALUE. If your vehicle has an insurance claim it will be reported to CarFax and AutoCheck and it will hurt your vehicle’s resale value. The comments on the CarFax report could come from Law Enforcement, Insurance Carriers, Towing Companies, Auto Dealers, Auto Repair Centers or Industry Sources. The comments tell a story that could be far worse than reality and create doubt in the mind of a purchaser (dealer or retail buyer) and the vehicle value will suffer tremendously. Now more than ever it makes good business sense to sell the damaged vehicle and keep the repair check from the insurance carrier. The repairs will take weeks, parts are on backorder and there are supply chain plus workforce quality issues.

Cash out of your damaged vehicle NOW, maximize your return and walk away from the headaches. Get a fast / free quote or contact us now for free, no obligation guidance.