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The DamageMAX Difference

What’s in it for YOU? DamageMAX is the first company to offer consumers FREE information to help them make an educated decision after an accident. We share industry trade secrets and provide “insider intelligence” to help you get the most out of your insurance company. DamageMAX tells you what your insurance agent or adjuster won’t!

What we do: We buy any damaged vehicle, anywhere! We also provide valuable advice on how to choose a reputable repair facility and what to expect throughout the repair process, should you choose to fix your damaged vehicle.

If you are interested in trading or selling your damaged vehicle "AS-IS", DamageMax's Clean Break Trade-in Voucher makes it easy to negotiate with any auto dealer and capitalize on tremendous tax savings by trading your damaged vehicle on a new or used replacement. DamageMAX has a proud network of Preferred Dealers who will offer value added purchase incentives, should you choose to take advantage of our referral program.

How do we do it? DamageMAX has access to world’s largest damaged vehicle marketplace, plus decades of experience in trading vehicles and equipment. DamageMAX is the first company to bring this buying power directly to the consumer, along with a new alternative to repairing a wrecked vehicle.