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Always Tow Your Wrecked Car to a Dealership

Joseph Coupal - Friday, January 24, 2014

Here's more on the corruption that runs rampant in the towing and storage industry (click here)

You just had an accident or your car is broken down and you are stranded, the first decision is to maintain your safety but who do you call for help?

If your trouble is mechanical, calling the police is not the answer. Call your roadside assistance company (AAA) if you have it or call a tow company and have it towed to a dealership. NEVER LET THEM TAKE IT WHERE THEY WANT- even if it's free!!! Tow your wrecked vehicle to a dealership, you always have the option of refusing the repair and removing your vehicle. Take the vehicle to your home or a reputable automobile dealer. If the vehicle is wrecked, the tow truck driver will be pushing you hard to take it to a body shop he knows – DO NOT ACCEPT THIS – TAKE YOUR VEHICLE TO THE DEALER. If your car is Ford, go to a Ford dealership, it's a much safer bet than some grease monkey's buddy that will scam you and pay the tow truck driver for dropping your car at their yard. They want your car because they want to charge you storage, disassemble your wrecked vehicle and charge you outrageous fees to put it back together. They will also charge you removal fees, administrative fees and any other fee they can pack into the bill that must be paid to get your vehicle back!

If you have a wrecked vehicle, you may have to call the police. The police will call a designated tow company that owns that stretch of road way by contract. This will cost you a lot of money! Better to call your tow company first and then the police if possible. Always Tow Your Damaged vehicle to a dealership. New Car dealers will not scam you for storage and try to get you to give them your title. They may sell you on the idea of buying a new or used car, but they don't scam people like the clowns in the article above.

Once your damaged vehicle is in a safe, storage free location call At DamageMAX we buy any car, in any condition and we pay to tow it away. If you call DamageMAX, we can buy your car with a single phone call and funds are guaranteed.

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