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Avoid Paying Deductible

Joseph Coupal - Tuesday, January 28, 2014

You've had an auto accident at the worst possible time. You raised your deductible to $1500 you just had an accident and it's your fault – great!

You were saving for the down payment on a new car but now that money will be used to pay the deductible and get your car fixed. You think you will have to get it fixed first, then save up some down payment money and then trade it in next year. After all, nobody buys wrecked cars – it will have to be fixed first right? WRONG! DamageMAX buys damaged vehicles – its what we do every day.

Why pay the deductible on your auto insurance claim just to get your old car fixed. Why not cash out and go get something new? Take the repair check from your insurance company, the cash for your wrecked vehicle from DamageMAX and the $1500 you avoided paying the deductible on your collision claim and go get a new vehicle.

Turn that accident into a positive and use that event to get yourself a new vehicle.

DamageMAX makes this happen dozens of times per day for people that want to get out of paying their deductible.

All it takes is a single call to DamageMAX. Call (888) 629-2137 or visit

Call the Damaged Vehicle Experts now for an immediate cash offer for your damaged vehicle.

Don't Commit Insurance Fraud

Joseph Coupal - Monday, January 27, 2014

You just made your last payment on your 2009 Honda CRV and its got 100,000 miles so you try to save a few bucks and you dropped collision coverage. The next day, you come out to get in your car and it's been side-swiped and it's no longer drivable. Talk about bad luck! You weren't even driving it??? You are gonna lose your car now because you can't afford to fix your car, it will cost thousands of dollars. What will you do?

Whatever you do, don't commit insurance fraud. The temptation to call your insurance company and reinstate your collision coverage will cross your mind – don't do this! Its illegal and there are stiff penalties including jail time for committing insurance fraud.

Take a look at the trends for insurance fraud by clicking here...

Don't commit insurance fraud, you can sell your wrecked vehicle and get some cash for a new car. In fact, your wrecked vehicle is probably worth a whole lot more than you think it is! Selling a damaged vehicle is easy if you call DamageMAX. DamageMAX, pays the MAX for any wrecked, damaged or inoperable vehicle. We go anywhere and if we buy your vehicle, we will tow it away for free!

If you dropped your insurance coverage and your car has been in an accident, call for immediate cash for your damaged vehicle. We buy any car, anywhere!

Call (888) 629-2137 or visit for an instant, no hassle cash offer on your vehicle.

DamageMAX pays the MAX and we heart any competitive offer.

Always Tow Your Wrecked Car to a Dealership

Joseph Coupal - Friday, January 24, 2014

Here's more on the corruption that runs rampant in the towing and storage industry (click here)

You just had an accident or your car is broken down and you are stranded, the first decision is to maintain your safety but who do you call for help?

If your trouble is mechanical, calling the police is not the answer. Call your roadside assistance company (AAA) if you have it or call a tow company and have it towed to a dealership. NEVER LET THEM TAKE IT WHERE THEY WANT- even if it's free!!! Tow your wrecked vehicle to a dealership, you always have the option of refusing the repair and removing your vehicle. Take the vehicle to your home or a reputable automobile dealer. If the vehicle is wrecked, the tow truck driver will be pushing you hard to take it to a body shop he knows – DO NOT ACCEPT THIS – TAKE YOUR VEHICLE TO THE DEALER. If your car is Ford, go to a Ford dealership, it's a much safer bet than some grease monkey's buddy that will scam you and pay the tow truck driver for dropping your car at their yard. They want your car because they want to charge you storage, disassemble your wrecked vehicle and charge you outrageous fees to put it back together. They will also charge you removal fees, administrative fees and any other fee they can pack into the bill that must be paid to get your vehicle back!

If you have a wrecked vehicle, you may have to call the police. The police will call a designated tow company that owns that stretch of road way by contract. This will cost you a lot of money! Better to call your tow company first and then the police if possible. Always Tow Your Damaged vehicle to a dealership. New Car dealers will not scam you for storage and try to get you to give them your title. They may sell you on the idea of buying a new or used car, but they don't scam people like the clowns in the article above.

Once your damaged vehicle is in a safe, storage free location call At DamageMAX we buy any car, in any condition and we pay to tow it away. If you call DamageMAX, we can buy your car with a single phone call and funds are guaranteed.

DamageMAX is the leading wrecked vehicle buyer.

Call (888) 629-2137 or visit

Don't Fix Your Wrecked Vehicle

Joseph Coupal - Thursday, January 23, 2014

If you are searching "find a body shop" or "Collision Repair" in your home town you are about to make a poor choice…

If you like drinking day old coffee and eating stale peanuts from a vending machine that hasn't been stocked since the 80's, find a body shop near you!

Face it folks, you are going to wait and wait and wait for your car to be repaired. Most collision damaged vehicles take weeks or months to repair when you factor in accident tow, estimate, 2nd tow to body shop, first repair, supplemental repair and cleanup. Our research shows that you will wait one day for every $100 in repairs. Imagine a $10,000 repair–that means 100 days in a rental car while you make car payments–that is crazy!

You have an econobox rental–that you may be stuck paying for, your garage remote and booster seats are locked up in the body shop and your life has been disrupted in many ways. Save yourself the hassle. Sell your wrecked car NOW to DamageMAX – and keep the repair check from the insurance company. You don't have to fix your wrecked vehicle, sell it instead to the wrecked vehicle experts at DamageMAX!

DamageMAX is the leading buyer of damaged, wrecked and inoperable vehicles. For an immediate cash offer for any damaged car or truck, call (888) 629-2137 or visit

Winter Weather Hammers Motorists

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, January 22, 2014

2014 has been one of the coldest, snowiest years on record. Don't let winter storms cost you money. If you've been in a weather-related car accident, you're not alone. You won't be alone at the body shop either. Get in line – everyone has been affected by the weather and body shops can't keep up with demand. You re going to be stuck without a car for weeks if you elect to repair your damaged car. Don't fix your damaged vehicle, sell it as-is to

Selling your accident car to DamageMAX – is the best deal. You can retain the repair check from your insurance company and sell your car damaged car for top dollar. Your insurance company will like it anyway – they don't have to pay for your rent-a-car! Sell your wrecked car to DamageMAX today and you'll be in a new car tomorrow – maybe you can buy a 4X4 next time and beat the weather!

Call (888) 629-2137 or visit for an immediate cash offer.

DamageMAX pays the MAX, for wrecked cars and trucks.

Sell Car Accident Car

Joseph Coupal - Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Most people are not aware that you can sell an accident car without repairing it. What happens is they wind up taking a neutral position in the process, the insurance adjuster takes charge and tells them they have to fix the vehicle. Most people then focus on finding a body shop that will do the work for the amount that the insurance company is paying for to avoid paying their deductible, never realizing that your accident car can be sold "as-is". WOW! They could have kept the repair check and applied it to a new vehicle and sold that wreck for top dollar. Selling an accident car is easier than you think! You don't have to move it, all you need are a few pictures, the VIN (vehicle identification number), the miles and a few minutes of your time and you can get a buy now price for your accident car, where it sits. DamageMAX makes selling your accident car easy – all you need to do is make a single phone call.

So if you have just been in an auto accident and you have a damaged vehicle to sell, DamageMAX can make it fast, safe and easy. is the leading buyer of damaged, broken and inoperable vehicles in the Continental United States, DamageMAX will beat all competitors written offers including CarMax. So call (888) 629-2137 or visit for an immediate cash offer on your accident car.

Thanks for thinking!

Is My Car Totaled?

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Here is a great article that was featured on and that provides guidance to consumers that may have a total loss vehicle.

Great advice…but what if your vehicle is not a total loss? How do you know if your vehicle qualifies for a total loss? Most of the time the consumer has no say in this matter and your insurance adjuster makes decisions behind the scenes and sends you an email or calls you later to avoid confrontation. Many states have a total loss threshold or a formula the insurance company uses to decision a vehicle for total loss payout. You can find a guide to your state's total loss methodology here.

If you are being told by your insurance company that your wrecked vehicle is not a total loss and you don't want it back - you can sell it as-is and keep your repair check. Most people think a wrecked vehicle is junk – THIS IS NOT THE CASE. In fact, your damaged vehicle is probably worth hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars just for what's left of it–significantly more if it can be rebuilt and sold again.

If you want to sell your wrecked vehicle, is the place to come and find out how it can be done. is the leading buyer of damaged, wrecked and crashed vehicles of all types. We buy anything from a Rollover to a Range Rover and have purchased vehicles from $65 - $65,000.

If you read the article we shared from they emphasized the need for an educated decision. You really can't make one without knowing what your wreck is worth "as-is", so call for a value on your wrecked vehicle.

Call (888) 629-2137 or visit for a free quote.

Towing is always free with

Save your Insurance Deductible, Sell your Damaged Car

Joseph Coupal - Thursday, January 09, 2014

2014 is here people and there is a better alternative to fixing that wrecked car and eating that $1000 insurance deductible!

Turn that damaged vehicle into fast cash, take your insurance repair check and go get something new.

Why go into your pocket for $1000 so the insurance company can fix the same old car you have been driving. Here are four great reasons why you should sell your damaged vehicle now:

  1. It has too many miles on it, why fix it?
  2. You would like to get something else to drive
  3. You are going to be with no wheels for a few weeks while they fix it
  4. You can think of much better ways to spend $1000 of your money right now
  5. You don't have to take a thousand dollar loss because you had a fender bender. Turn that damaged vehicle into cash by selling it to

DamageMAX pays the MAX for any damaged vehicle, anywhere. If we buy your car, we'll even pay the towing and storage bill and get you cash.

Call (888) 629-2137 or visit for an immediate cash offer for your vehicle.

DamageMAX helps you save your insurance deductible! Sell your damaged car today!

Sell Car with Damage

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, January 08, 2014 buys cars with damage for MAX dollars anywhere in the Continental USA. That's great news for consumers because it's a choice that was not available until today. If you've had an accident, you either have insurance coverage or you don't. If you have no coverage, time is not your friend. You have to act swiftly and decisively or your damaged vehicle asset will wind up in the hands of a greedy tow & storage facility that wants the title to your vehicle in exchange for relief from storage fees and any other fee they can think of…THIS IS NEVER A GOOD DEAL AND RARELY EVEN A FAIR ONE!

If you have coverage, don't be a sheep and let your insurance company tell you what to do! You can take your repair check, sell your damaged car for TOP DOLLAR to and we will pay to tow it away.

Get your vehicle out of storage free and get paid! DamageMAX pays the MAX so take charge and take your insurance repair check and sell your damaged vehicle to and get paid! guarantees MAXimum value for your DAMAGED VEHICLE. We beat all competitors offers anywhere in the Continental USA.

Call (888) 629-2137 now to speak to a Damaged Vehicle Specialist. We will even give you FREE advice on how to handle your insurance claim.

Call (888) 629-2137 or visit for a fast quote.

Sell Your Wrecked Car, Don't Fix It!

Joseph Coupal - Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Here's more proof why selling your damaged vehicle is a much better deal than fixing it and trading it in later. Once you have an accident, you have lost control of a lot more than your vehicle. You have NO SAY in what happens to you next if you don't act quickly.

1. At the accident scene, the police call the tow company of "their" choice–you can't use AAA or your MFR's Roadside Assistance because it's not an option. To make matters worse, you have no idea where your vehicle will be towed and the police are "close–lipped" and just hand you a slip of paper to call to find out where your car may be??? Check this out… the towing company in most cases will be getting a "bribe" which they label a referral for bringing your vehicle to their repair facility. You have NO SAY in this because you have no control of this process.

Now lets talk about what happens next. If you elect to fix your car, the Towing Company that dropped your car off at the body shop will get a HUGE kickback after the repairs are performed–10% of the repair amount! That's right, if the repairs are $8500 the Towing Company will get a check for $850. Guess who paid for that? YOU, YOUR insurance company and YOU again because your rates are going way up for all these expenses! Fixing your wrecked vehicle is not the best option, sell the car fast and cut your losses.

If you decide to sell your damaged vehicle, act fast because the shop that is holding your car hostage will be charging you outlandish fees. They will look like this:

Administration Fee
Daily Storage Fee ($25-75/day)
Personal Property Fee
Environmental Fee

We even had a shop charge extra to release the vehicle to anyone else but the owner of the vehicle. Wait…isn't it your car? You had an accident, the vehicle wasn't impounded for something illegal, why all these fees? Why don't you have any say who tows your vehicle?

Take control of your accident and make a quick decision. Call and let the damaged vehicle experts deal with the tow yards. will buy your damaged vehicle for top dollar, pay the charges and tow it away at no additional cost.

Call for an immediate cash offer and take charge of the situation and your vehicle. Call (888) 629-2137 to speak to a live Damaged Vehicle Consultant.

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