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How to Sell Your Wrecked Car by Yourself

How to Sell Your Wrecked Car by Yourself

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Step 1: Don't Do It

Step 2: Contact DamageMAX.com at 888-629-2137 or info@DamageMAX.com for instant offer!







Craig's List can't guarantee payment and vehicle pickup

DamageMAX guarantees top dollar payment and free pickup - you never have to leave home!


Who's looking to buy a wrecked car from a consumer?

DamageMAX only buys wrecked cars!  We know what we're doing, unlike the amateurs!


You wait for someone to show up (maybe) and they don't have a check!

DamageMAX BUYS NOW with electronic payment or cashier's check!


Did you do the paperwork right?  Will buyer sue you?

DamageMAX BUYS "AS-IS" and understands your vehicle's problems


There are lots of unsavory characters in the wrecked car universe

DamageMAX will never come to your home - we price the car off your word and your pictures

It is a lot of hard work to sell anything - especially a wrecked car. Why go through all the hassle when DamageMAX.com can pay maximum value for your damaged car now? Our offer is instant and guaranteed. Save yourself a lot of time and trouble - let the damage vehicle experts at DamageMAX buy your wrecked car and pick it up free.

If you have comprehensive insurance coverage and your repairs are covered, you have the right not to repair your vehicle. You may request the settlement check and not repair the vehicle. If you wrecked your vehicle and simply just don't feel comfortable driving the car again, please consider selling your damaged vehicle to DamageMAX. DamageMAX will buy your wreck and you keep the insurance check! Thought you could not have your cake and eat it too? Not so with DamageMAX!

DamageMAX will buy your wreck and you keep the insurance check!

DamageMAX pays MAXimum value for your Damaged vehicle.

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