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Stop Storage Charges on your Vehicle

Stop Storage Charges on your Vehicle

Joseph Coupal - Tuesday, March 12, 2013

If you had an accident and your vehicle has been towed and impounded you don't have many options and you don't have the luxury of time. You need to make decisions or keep paying storage.

If you have no money to fix your vehicle and no place to tow it while you figure things out, call DamageMAX.

We will buy your damaged vehicle and pay the storage charges - we will even tow it for free!

Don't give your title to the storage yard, get cash for it from DamageMAX. Most of the people we buy vehicles from don't expect to get very much for their vehicle. The storage yard wants you to believe it is worth nothing - wrong!

We can pay hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars for your damaged or destroyed vehicle. Experience the DamageMAX difference and get cash for your wrecked vehicle today!

DamageMAX is the leading buyer of damaged, broken and problem vehicles and we can make your wrecked car AND your problems disappear and get you back on the road. Call DamageMAX and let us help take the sting out of your auto accident & put some cash in your pocket!

Call DamageMAX now! We can get your car moved to our facilities and immediately stop the storage charges. We will buy your wrecked car for top dollar and get you out of a bind. DamageMAX is nationwide and can move your car NOW.

DamageMAX pays MAXimum value for your Damaged vehicle.

Call 888-629-2137 and email info@damagemax.com for an instant quote!